Employer FAQs

How do I post jobs?
To post jobs, you must first create an employer account and select a job posting package. Once you click 'sign up', you will be taken to an online payment form where you can pay for your job posting package by Visa or MasterCard. Once you have completed your payment, you will be taken to your account centre, where you click "Post a Job" and fill out all necessary information. Once you have submitted your job description, previewed it and clicked submit, it will go live to the seniorsforjobs.com website in real time.

Can I be billed?
Yes, seniorsforjobs.com can bill your company. Payment is due prior to posting, unless you have an established account with seniorsforjobs.com. For further information on billing, contact our office at 204-298-1009.

How do I search resumes?
To search seniorsforjobs.com's resume database, you must first create an employer account and choose a package that includes resume access. Once you have created an employer account, you will be taken to your account centre. From your account centre, click "Search Resumes"

What is the remember username and password option when I sign up?
When you choose to have your username and password remembered, you will be able to log into your account from the same computer, without having to enter your username and password each time. This makes it very convenient for you to return at any time. However, if you share your computer with others and you don't want them to have access to your account, we recommend that you do not enable this option. You may change this setting at any time by going to "Change Profile" in your account centre.

I forgot my username and/or password. How can I retrieve it?
To retrieve your username and password, click here and enter your email address. The username and password will automatically be emailed to you.

How will I receive job applications?
When you post jobs at seniorsforjobs.com, you may receive job applications in three ways:

    1. When job applicants utilize seniorsforjobs.com's online application procedure, resumes and (possibly) cover letters will be sent to your email address. The resumes that you receive will either come to you as a templated seniorsforjobs.com resume or in word format.
    2. Job applicants may choose to contact you directly if you choose to display your contact information in your job description. You may choose what contact information you would like to display or hide all contact information to receive applications only through seniorsforjobs.com's online application.

How does seniorsforjobs.com ensure that employers do not receive more than one job application per posting from the same job seeker?
seniorsforjobs.com automatically pulls any duplicate application and notifies the job seeker that he or she has already applied for this posting within the last 30 days.

The resumes that I receive are not legible. What's wrong?
All job applications are sent to employers in HTML format by default. HTML emails allow better formatting of resumes and it will simplify your selection process. 99% of email users can properly view HTML emails. However, if your email program doesn't support it, the job applications will not be legible. In this case, you may choose to receive job applications in "plain text" format. To change this setting, click "Change Profile" from your employer account.

If I currently have one job posting credit remaining, what will happen when I renew my package with ten more credits? Will I lose my original job posting credit?
No. You will not lose any job posting credit when you renew your package. If you have one job posting credit when you renew with ten, your new total will become eleven.

How can I add my company logo to my job postings and profile?
From your employer account click the logo link in the left hand navigation, click the 'browse' button, navigate to the location of your logo on your hard drive, double click on it and then click 'submit'. Once your logo has been uploaded to your seniorsforjobs.com account, it will appear on all of your individual postings and on your employer profile.

If I post a job today, but my package expires tomorrow, will my job posting still remain active for the remainder of the job posting period?
Yes. All job postings will remain and you will continue to receive applications during this period, unless you choose to close your job posting(s) beforehand.

Will I still have access to my account when my package expires?
Yes. You will still be able to log into your account and do the following:
- see statistics on your job postings
- modify job posting descriptions
- deactivate/archive your job postings
- renew your package at anytime

What will happen when my package expires?
When your package expires, you will no longer be able to do the following:
- post jobs
- renew job postings
- re-post job postings
- search resume database