About Us

In today’s ever changing society, the older adult is no longer retiring at age 55, either because they are not financially able to and/or are simply not ready to retire. Today’s seniors want to continue to expand their career goals in their chosen field of work and enjoy the day to day challenges and excitement that employment offers.

Employers face a fast growing problem of labor shortages. The older adult or senior workforce is a highly untapped area eager to fill positions and continue on in full or part- time work for many years after what was once known as retirement age.

SeniorsforJobs.com provides an exciting meeting ground for these two entities to come together - seniors looking for employment and employers seeking an experienced and reliable workforce.

Jennifer Narvey - Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer is a social worker and has enjoyed many years of work serving the same demographic this website was created for. Jennifer’s wealth of knowledge and training sets seniorsforjobs.com apart from others.

Ian Dimerman - Director Corporate Development
Ian has a Masters in Business Administration and his strengths lay in the areas of finance and business development. It is Ian that ensures this website reaches its target market and is known by businesses around the world looking to employ reliable, mature, and hard working individuals.

Joey Dimerman - Director Corporate Sales
Joey co-founded of Golf Tee- Up Systems Inc. This business pioneered the sales, marketing and distribution of automated tee-up machines and virtual golf simulators in the Canadian market. Joey was very instrumental in placing many of these units in the Condominium market in the Greater Toronto Area while managing the role as marketing and sales director of the company.